Monday, June 26, 2006

Riveredge ride

Life is good when your husband watches the kids and you get a 50 mile ride in. Especially if the weather holds out like it did on Sunday. In the West Bend area, the annual Riveredge ride took place - offering several rides of various distances. A very well organized event, offering food, beer & music at the Riveredge nature center afterwards.

Missed my fellow Cowgirls, but I can't say I didn't have a great riding partner. Met up with a very nice guy who kept a great pace. Made the miles fly by.
Take care all, and see you during Superweek!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cow Parade!!

Is this cool or what?? 100 painted cows all over Madison. The three of us went touring last weekend and took pictures with a bunch of the cows. The creativity in the artwork is amazing-and worth a stroll around Madison to see the cows.

Last night me, Rachel, Anna and Trish went to the Badger State Games opening ceremony. We handed out 500 waterbottles and signed that many posters. I got my picture taken with Bucky Badger, who tried to ride my bike but his head was too big.

It was a good PR night for the team.
See y'all soon,

Monday, June 19, 2006

My new wife--er Roomie

Is this great or what??

I came home from work today to find Trishy cooking dinner. I had a late meeting at work and have to admit, it was mighty nice coming home to some warm food. Trish was on the phone with Betsy (who is recuperating from her knee whackin' at NVGP) so while Trish was stuffing burritos I got on the phone with Betz who is doing ok.
Here's the latest news (of what I heard today) from the teammies:
> Julie S (aka Mama Schmitt) is willing to host the team during Superweek. Yaa JUles! I'll call you on that.
> Kristin is doing well and seems happy to have been a guest cowgirl, mice and all
> Anna has a new job at a coffee joint and the team qualifies for the family discount
> Rachel put in a bid on a house
> Trish has officially exploded in her new room at the Hoboken Hostel
> I'm incredibly sore from moving 3 yards of mulch yesterday

That's all the news that is fit to print, read or otherwise digest. See y'all soon.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

State Road Race Championship

What a fun day we had yesterday in Spring Prairie, Wisconsin. Since Nature Valley was moved back a week the team was able to show up for the State Road Race.

Me, Natalie, Rachel and Anna went to the line and with Natalie recovering from a cold and me from a crash and Rachel and Anna digging out from stress we weren't sure how we would go. Turns out we did ok. I felt good on the hill and in the middle of lap 1 Rachel rode up to me to say "I think you're our girl for the day." That was nice seeing as I've not been feeling tops this year. Rachel took a long pull into the wind so I could rest before taking the hill the second time (thanks Rachel!) and that 2nd lap was the selection. The hard effort in the wind left Rachel less than fresh for the climb but she finished strong. Anna fought her way back to the group in what would be a breakthrough race. In the break were me, Natalie and Kristin (IS Corp)and a familiar but not seen too often face of Julie Foertsch. The four of us stayed together utnil lap 5 when I had some difficulty and fell off the pace. Natalie held her own when Kristin surged on the last hill. Nat finished a strong second with me in fourth.
Post race Rachel was looking a little green but smiling, as always. She didn't feel so hot! Anna and I went out for a burger post race and had an appetizer for dessert. We made a lot of happy noises eating our medium rare burgers and declared them the best ever. We affirmed that we have the best team and a great life. Till soon!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

West Bend Ride

Hey all -
Hate to move on from the awesome picture of Rebecca's Crash, but she insisted.
Besides, after seeing that crash you'd think she's still recovering, but that's not the case. Nothing like a 50 mile ride in good old West Bend to make you backside feel fine. Of course the beer and salsa/chips didn't hurt either! In any case - It was an excellent day for riding and catching up.