Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Papa Couch and the Bed Formerly known as "My Bed"

Hi ya Team!
Guess who called me yesterday? Why the one and only Andrew Couch, husband of Big Red! Couch was in town for work so we met up for dinner at the Claddagh (how do you say that, anyway??). Over beer and really good pub fries we came up with some names for the new baby. Anyone care to weigh in? We came up with Bridgette, Nathaniel, Lance... just kidding.

The two beers I had made me sleep like a dead person. Once I got into bed that is. I came home to find critters right in MY spot. I love animals, and I'm a true softy when it comes to letting creatures have their comforts but this was out of hand. I had to sleep on the right side of the bed and that left just enough room for cat number 2 to join the nest. I think I know why my neck has been hurting a bit lately--there's no room to sleep!

I woke up feeling great though--maybe I'll do a long ride today seeing as it's supposed to be in the 20s. A regular heat wave.

I want to say hi to Ron in Brisbane. He just bought a team kit for his wife. He's from the same town as Palms! When the team heads to OZ next year to cheer on Tricia at the Australian Road Championships we'll have a headstart on building our cheering section. Have a great day, Ron. Thanks for your support of the team!
Ciao to all. ---rebecca

Sunday, February 26, 2006

How many clothes does it take to keep a cowgirl warm in 20 degree weather?

To expand on 'becca's entry, this is how many clothes it took to sort of keep warm today. That's one sleeveless undershirt, one long-sleeved undershirt, one long-sleeved jersey, one vest, one wind jacket, one pair of shorts with suspenders, one pair of thermal windproof tights, one pair of neoprene booties, one pair of wool socks, one pair of lobster gloves, and one wind proof ear band.

Gatorade Slushee....this is what you expect to get after riding 3 hours in 18 degree weather. Time to visit the neighbor's hot tub now...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Here's what -7 farenheit looks like on the farm. Good thing I rode before I left. I hope the team in AZ is enjoying their weather...it's got to be at least 76 degrees warmer there, isn't it?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Tales from the Living Room

It's been quite cold in Wisco and I was getting cabin fever and had cowgirl withdrawal. Rachel offered to get together for a ride and that we did. For the first hour we just chatted and got caught up on work and life stuff. I asked Rachel if she wanted to watch cartoons and she said "Wheel of Fortune is on." Me being willing to go along with just about anything said "Ok."

So get this. Vanna-what's-her-name is STILL on that show! But now she doesn't actually turn the letters. She just walks by and touches them. I didn't see good close up of her face but I bet she has a frequent flyer card with Botox Airlines.

The good news is that Rachel and I solved the first puzzle really fast. At least 30 seconds before the contestestants did. We'd of won $3,000! Team, we need to get on that show. Can we fit that in when we're in Cali?

After that we watched Dancing with the Stars. Jerry Rice did not look good as a matador. He looked good--as in mrowwwwwwwwww- but the matador outfit, he couldn't pull it off. Watching him dance reminded me of a graceful, lean, sumo wrestler. He should of done a tango. ( the audience IS supposed to critique the show, right?)

I forgot to stay up for Grey's Anatomy--darn it. I wanted to see what the code black was after having seen the commercials all during the superbowl. Rachel told me the premise of the show so now I want to watch it.

It snowed last night...so that seals it. I'm heading north to ski this weekend. Gabby gets to visit Grandpa and I get to ski. stay tuned for news on that adventure.

I hope everybody is doing well. See you soon! --rebecca

Gabby gets a noogie

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dirtiest Bike Contest...Commenceth

I made the mistake of challenging Rachel. I told her my bike was likely messier than hers and that we should have a contest..with Big Fat Ricky as the judge.

Rachel told me I was going down!! And even worse, BFR agreed. We'll just have to see about this.

So training has been slow this week--it's a rest week. The weather has been kind of nice though so I might do an easy two hours tomorrow. At this time of year if it's rideable in February you ride, rest week or not.

I have no fun news or adventures or misadventures to report. dull month here and I miss you all!