Wednesday, June 07, 2006

West Bend Ride

Hey all -
Hate to move on from the awesome picture of Rebecca's Crash, but she insisted.
Besides, after seeing that crash you'd think she's still recovering, but that's not the case. Nothing like a 50 mile ride in good old West Bend to make you backside feel fine. Of course the beer and salsa/chips didn't hurt either! In any case - It was an excellent day for riding and catching up.


Anonymous dq said...

That was a great day, Jules! What a fun ride. I still like the part where we picked out the candy bars at the gas station. And followed by chips, salsa and beer?? Whooeee. life doesn't get any better than that!
And look at the cute kid in my lap!!

5:16 AM  
Anonymous Momma Schmitt said...

Yep- we will have to do more days like that, but next time we will follow it with a jump in the lake! Maybe even go water skiing!
So lets go girls! I'd love to set up some weekends and have the team over.

got to go, boys fighting.
See ya

6:55 AM  

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