Monday, November 05, 2007

something to laugh at...

It has been almost a month since the last post AND about 2 or 3 since my last post... it is time for a new one! Are you ready!!???

FIRST of all, CONGRATS to Rachel E on her engagement! Or, should I congratulate Jordan for having such an awesome fiance? :) Exciting times ahead!

I am looking forward to the upcoming season! I started pumping iron and am FINALLY getting out on some sweet rides! Including some MTN rides! Fall riding is the best-- especially when the trees help cut the cold wind down and the trails are blanketed in beautiful golden leaves.

Just an update on myself, I have completed my first 9 weeks of student teaching at the Galena Middle School and am now into my 2nd of 9 weeks at the West Dubuque High School in Epworth IA. I must say the HS experience so far has been a great one. The faculty and staff are excellent and positive people that have opened their arms to this new student teacher. ahhhh.... THANKS WDHS!!

Here is the funny photo of the day... Well, I was telling Becx about my problem with choosing the wrong clothes for the podium... granted, at the time I did not have a sweet Dariyland jersy to wear, but I think this is pretty funny... By the looks of the out fit, it looks like I'm walking up to the office, NOT the podium! And I thought I was going for funky. What was I thinking? That's why I have a my teammates now! :)


Anonymous becx said...

Kate! Skip the khaki for the podium. You need to get some outrageous podium skirt. I'll loan you my holstein changing skirt if you like. I also have one with cows on it that Rachel Couch made (or was it Betsy G?)

And, I wonder if Jordan will mind if we call him "Mr. Rachel?"

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eikey is engaged?!? Oh my gosh CONGRATULATIONS to you and Jordan!!

6:24 PM  

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