Monday, July 17, 2006

Yeah teamwork!

Did you see the photos on from the race at Bensenville? (You have to look at them in order and read the captions.)
Photo 1
Photo 2
Trish, it was so cool that you hung on!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Barbi Haiku

Team hosts a barbie
corn and brats and friends
the dog jumps in hungry

So yes, the team had a barbie on July 3 in honor of Trish. Trish and I first had to put the new grill together and here's a shot of me and the "Aussie" grill. Since we had a real Aussie and an Aussie grill, we had to have a barbi to celebrate.

Bill, julie, Rachel, Jordan some guy named Jeff, Anna and Papa Dierking made merry.

Here is a shot of Rachel and Jordan, about the time Rachel was telling on Jordan for drinking all the Propel she got on sale.

Gabby saw all the good food and wanted a plate for herself but that didn't happen.

Here's Bill and Julie posing. Julie may not be riding as much but she looks as fit as ever. That appetite didn't go away either!

Gabs finally got a hunk of brat and here's how she looked afterward. More?