Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Training starts Dec 1

I've recently become hooked on reading one blog in particular so I got spontaneous and started one for the team!

I'm thinking we could share our training adventures here and here's my entry for today.

My training "officially"kicks off in December. I realize that might be later than some of you, but seeing as how my athletic career is a "mature" one (heehee) I take the creative way to getting fit. Today's training called for a run to warm up for lifting weights. I decided to run with my favorite running buddy, Gabby. What makes running with Gabby so good is the bunny chasing. When Gabby gets a bead on a rabbit, we sneak up on it and then when the rabbit bolts we go after it. Last night's hunting was better than tonight's. We saw only one rabbit and it got under a fence before we could start chasing. (note the similarities to bike racing, anyone?)

After our run I headed to the basement to lift. Tippy likes to lift weights too. It's hard to lift weights with a cat in the way but I manage.

And now for the BEST part of the training....the red wine with dinner! Only tonight's wine selection isn't my favorite. I'm sad on that but, as you've all heard me say, I need to keep my red wine cell count up.

That's all till next time.