Monday, November 27, 2006

Ridin' with Julie

Yesterday, me, Eikes, Minty and new cowgirl Julie went for a ride. On the ride we realized something: the new Julie has her PhD in psycology. Our retired Julie also has a PhD in psycology. Is that WEIRD or what??

Rachel and I started the day with a listening session for Anna, who needed a TAD consult on some relationship questions. On the ride, we sent Anna back to discuss with Julie who was heard giving sound input to the relationship questions. So JT, if you are reading, rest assured. Next ride you come on you'll have help in the listening department. And new Julie, we promise not to overload you with questions. We'll be trying to hide all our neurotic-ness. Wait, we're not neurotic! We race bikes. Everyone else is neurotic!

We found Frankie on the ride and he joined us for the ride back. We were just tooling around anyway. The weather wasn't great, but not terrible either. It was overcast and about 50 and dang did we stand out. The pink and black on a midwestern gray day was quite the conrast. As we were leaving the house my neighbor came around the corner in her car, rolled down the window and said "Could you guys possibly be any brighter?"

Back at the Hoboken Hotel we wished Trish a happy Birthday, and we drank coffee and blabbed. I completley forgot to do my homework (Call Heather and Natalie) so will catch up today. Photo is all of us post ride. There was a photo that wasn't as artfully blurred, but I liked this one.

Anway, welcome Julie May-the-Foertsch-Be-With-You to the team!
til soon,

Friday, November 24, 2006

Another new CG!

We're multiplying! First baby Couch, then Julie Foertsch, and now Kate Ross.

Speaking of Kate, here is a photo of Kate finishing a mtb race with her buddy Evan running shotgun. Kate was brought to my attention by someone who has helped her in her mtb career and Evan is his son who he described, along with Kate as "two peas in a pod." You have to love the look on both their faces. Maybe we need to take Evan to the races too? He looks like he could keep up with us, both on the bike and in the laughs department.

I'm hoping to get out to ride with Anna, Julie F and Eikey this weekend and will get a photo of Julie for the blog.

Ciao for now,