Monday, December 24, 2007

Hello From Down Under

I would like to give a big hello to all the girls from Dairy Land! I cant wait to meet you all when I make the long journey from Australia to the USA in February next year. This would be my first time racing for a team and am excited to start racing with you all.

I hope all the Cow Girls have a warm and marry Christmas and a safe new year!


Friday, December 21, 2007

Superweek Memory

I don't think the CowGirls gave enough thanks to our #1 Superweek Supporter.... Scott Peterson! Thanks again Scott for putting us up and rocking out with Betsy and I numerous times... Bust a Mooooove. Where else would we ever want to spend-- the best coffee, dinners and accomodations around.

Scott is also healing right now from a pub crawl gone bad... check it out:


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MKE Life

Hey Everyone! Just dropping in to make my first (and definitely NOT last) entry :)And of course to say“hi” for the first time to all my new teammates… which by the way I am so excited to meet!

So here’s a little bit about me…… First of all I LOVE to ride and race bikes, but need some help, that’s where the part where I’m super excited to train comes in….And yes believe it or not I am pumped to ride out in the cold, haha. You have to love Wisconsin’s winter weather for training. Aside from riding my bike, I like to swim, camp (play outdoors), shop (and all the essential girly girl activities from time to time), bake, and of course spend time with my family and friends. (I feel like that sounded like some kind of dating ad….maybe I should have added I like long walks on the beach?)

Anyway, I am currently a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I am majoring in Kinesiology: exercise and fitness with a minor in Nutrition. School is school, fun for one thing and time consuming for another :) but I know it will be worth it in the end!

Aside from everything else I just like to be me…a fun loving, Dr.Pepper lip smackers kind of girl!

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and New Year!

Sabrina :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fall Mtn biking in IOWA!

Fall is the time for some great fall rides with some good friends!

Here is Marge, Patsi and I one evening-- with the excellent sunset this November! :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Another day... another post... where is everyone?? Anyhow, I'm currently taking a break from planning an exciting mitosis lesson for my favorite sophomores at WestDubuque High. Sometimes the kids just don't understand how exciting biology can be... I mean who wouldn't get excited over how DNA coils into a chromosome.

I actually had a student raise his hand and say "I know you try to make this cool [chromosome structure]... but I do not see how anyone could think this is exciting." The entire class laughed... and we all kept on digging into the chromosome.

Anyhow, being a geographer- I was truly excited when I found this cow w/ a map of the world on his broad side! How cool. MOOOO.