Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Spinning tonight!

hi all

Tonight I will ride on the rollers!! , Watching "sex in the city" 10:00 pm, and with any luck it will become a habit.

The house is clean as of now, (4:34) So there should be nothing to stop me from getting on that bike. I'll just keep thinking of you girls getting fit, and I'll start getting scared.

Actually, I know this is not much of a blog entry, but it's serving two purposes. 1) I'm more likly to follow through with this work out, and 2) I'm testing this blogging thing out. See if I can actually make an entry.

So there you have it.
Take care all
Momma Schmitt

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yoga Cat Tippy; here's what it looks like every morning when I do yoga. Tippy loves yoga, especially when I'm upside down. She likes to try and trip me by head butting the back of my leg. This is what it looks like when I'm in a yoga pose...the angle isn't quite right. Technically, tippy should be upside down. You think I don't have much better to do than try to take a photo of my cat while upside down? Huh?Huh??

Monday, January 16, 2006

Natalie meets Mama Schmitt and Rachel for her first team meeting. That's baby Kendra who came to her first team meeting too!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Saeco Vienna Deluxe Goes to the Doc

It was sad packing up my Saeco Vienna Deluxe. It went in a box and got UPS'd to Chicago where it'll see a specialist in coffee machines. I got a recommendation from Italy that the "espresso shoppe" in Bensenville, Illinois (site of the delightful last race of Superweek) was the place to send my beloved machine. Keep your fingers crossed. I hear they have good docs there.

So my morning coffee has been replaced--temporarily--by Morning Thunder tea. That's the one with the charging buffalo on the front. Ya know if we ever move away from promoting dairy cows I think we could work with the buffalo marketers. It's lean meat ya know and buffalos have more "mystique" than a dairy cow. Oh, and wait'll you see the slogan I came up with for our jersey collar. We've had "bust a Moo" and "We ain't scrrrd" thanks to Anna, our sloganeer. I came up with the new one and I think it's funny. I hope you speak some Latin.

Where am I going with this? I have no idea. Here's hoping you all are having fabulous training rides. I'm heading out today for a few hours as it's sunny and not too windy. Temp about 32 right now and that'll work.

Eikey and I rode for 1.5 hours in the living room at her house yesterday and get this, there was a lot of traffic on Monroe Street and some older dude, stuck in traffic right in front of the house spots Rachel and waves so she waves back. Humm. A drive by flirting!

Time to head over to the swap meet. Everyone have a great weekend. Send some chatty news this way! ---Rebecca

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A pox on the sun and snow!

It's soo hard to read Trish's and Eikey's blog entry. 8 hours of skiing? 4 hour ride in shorts? Aeeaaaaa!! I envy you both and am glad your training is going so well.

I managed a three hour ski in Minoqua on Sunday, some snow shoeing on Monday and a two hour ride in the cold slush on Saturday and thought I was doing great, until I read your notes. Buggers!

One thing I discovered is that snowshoeing while using ski poles is a great workout for an "easy" day. I worked up a hell of a sweat just walking on the snow covered lake. Gabby and the neighbor dog Bentley came with me and we walked the length of the lake at the cabin and when I got hot I considered doing what the dogs did--roll in the snow. I would of done it if someone would of had a camera!

Trish, I wish I was in Denver to sip on some wine with ya. Eikey, seeing as you're only 10 minutes away we should get Miss Natalie out for a winter ride and take photos for the blog.
I miss seeing everyone. Have a great week!