Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Excellent Cross Training!

To celebrate the last couple days of 2007, I headed up north to the Porkies (Ironwood, MI) with some good friends to do some cross country and alpine skiing. We all had a good time exploring two different xc areas– Wolverine and ABR. When I returned, I called Rebecca to give her the report– I found out that she was an ABR frequenter! The trails were groomed to perfection through picturesque trails that were deceivingly flat… we defiantly found ourselves getting a workout!

When we first arrived to our rented house in Ramsay, MI, I walked in to find out that one of the women on the trip happened to be Amiee Zabrowski– Diane Ostenso and Gordy Paulson’s daughter! To me this was just awesome! I have known her mom for over half of my life, meeting her at a bike race LONG ago!! We defiantly did some bonding and skiing— so while we were at ABR and I saw the Cherry Dairy loop I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity for the website!

Thank you to the Zabrowski’s, the Steinbecks, the Neely’s, Mr. Heins and Dr. Cooper for the weekend of fun hangout time, amazing skiing and all of the ski waxing tips!

Look for new posts from the Boulder Boot Camp!!! 14 days and counting.......

ps... I can't wait to hang out with CLARE!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Alternative Training

There is only so much indoor training you can do in the winter.  So, here are some things I have done to keep myself entertained.
Greg and I took a trip to Montana to hang with his brother and girlfriend.  It was a holiday skiing celebration- skate skiing and telemark skiing.  The picture is Greg on the left, me in the middle, and Kim on the right... and lots of new powder!

Yes... this is a tandem!  Don't laugh!  Try riding a tandem on the track (no brakes and no gears) with a blind cyclists on the back.  I gave it a shot and loved it!   This was a hard coupled days of training but all went well.  It looks like I will be training for the Paralympics in Beijing.  More on that later.
A little mountain biking trip to Fruita, CO.  This took place earlier this winter.  Although Elke looks like a stud in her helmet, she is still working out the details of how to ride a bike.

What are you guys up to this winter?


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

cowgirls back on the blog

Hey guys,
Cari has the new password so you can start making entries again.

Sorry for the delays.
Take care

Hi girls. Just trying to make this work for ya

aren't the puppies cute?

They are now dogs - - - and prob not so cute.