Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Saeco Vienna Deluxe Goes to the Doc

It was sad packing up my Saeco Vienna Deluxe. It went in a box and got UPS'd to Chicago where it'll see a specialist in coffee machines. I got a recommendation from Italy that the "espresso shoppe" in Bensenville, Illinois (site of the delightful last race of Superweek) was the place to send my beloved machine. Keep your fingers crossed. I hear they have good docs there.

So my morning coffee has been replaced--temporarily--by Morning Thunder tea. That's the one with the charging buffalo on the front. Ya know if we ever move away from promoting dairy cows I think we could work with the buffalo marketers. It's lean meat ya know and buffalos have more "mystique" than a dairy cow. Oh, and wait'll you see the slogan I came up with for our jersey collar. We've had "bust a Moo" and "We ain't scrrrd" thanks to Anna, our sloganeer. I came up with the new one and I think it's funny. I hope you speak some Latin.

Where am I going with this? I have no idea. Here's hoping you all are having fabulous training rides. I'm heading out today for a few hours as it's sunny and not too windy. Temp about 32 right now and that'll work.

Eikey and I rode for 1.5 hours in the living room at her house yesterday and get this, there was a lot of traffic on Monroe Street and some older dude, stuck in traffic right in front of the house spots Rachel and waves so she waves back. Humm. A drive by flirting!

Time to head over to the swap meet. Everyone have a great weekend. Send some chatty news this way! ---Rebecca


Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

I hope it gets fixed before June. If not Lalas place is looking real good then!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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