Friday, November 24, 2006

Another new CG!

We're multiplying! First baby Couch, then Julie Foertsch, and now Kate Ross.

Speaking of Kate, here is a photo of Kate finishing a mtb race with her buddy Evan running shotgun. Kate was brought to my attention by someone who has helped her in her mtb career and Evan is his son who he described, along with Kate as "two peas in a pod." You have to love the look on both their faces. Maybe we need to take Evan to the races too? He looks like he could keep up with us, both on the bike and in the laughs department.

I'm hoping to get out to ride with Anna, Julie F and Eikey this weekend and will get a photo of Julie for the blog.

Ciao for now,


Anonymous Ikes said...

Welcome to the team, Kate. I look forward to meeting you.
Ikes, aka Eikey, aka Rachel E.

8:41 PM  

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