Monday, April 30, 2007

Day 67 as Vegetenarian & School Tour continues

Howdy all,
This was a busy week for the team...Cari was racing in the deep south, Bunny (betsy s) was in a UCI mtn bike race where she nabbed 5th against the best in the country,Dr. J and Eikes drove to Green Bay for a morning of school presentations, and me and Kate did a crit in Milwaukee with recovering-from-viral-crap-Anna along for the ride. Kate's beau, Rob, came along and was the dog sitter and he did a great job at that. When I got done racing I asked Anna where Gabby was and she informed me that Gabby had rolled in something and that Rob had gotten a few baby wipes from some spectator/mom and was wiping off my dog. Kate, we can marry Rob. Anyone that would wipe goo off your teammate's dog is ok in our book.

Today Mama Schmitt and I met up in Mosinee (pronounced "moe-sin-eeee"), a town in central wisconsin that stinks like only a paper mill town can but is cute nonetheless. We each had to be on the road by 6am and Gabby was not too happy about that. We spoke at the Mosinee middle and high schools in a lovely auditorium and the kids were very attentive. We did 3 presentations for 600 kids.

Jules was awesome--we hadn't done a presentation together for two years and we were tossing our comments back and forth like we'd done it yesterday. Afterward we got a cup of coffee in town and chatted a bit. It was great to talk about life in general and it made me think more about a pending "cowgirl" reunion. That's where we all meet up in a few years in, say, Majorca and just go riding. No work to think about, no worries, just ride. How fun would that be??

This week is Eike's "taper" for the Wildflower triathlon. I'm looking forward to her post-tri blog entry. Cari is down south for the USA Crit series and there are two races in Wisco this weekend, one of which has hills......yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Oh, and this is day 67 as a vegtable. I'm really liking it and think it suits me perfectly. I found the perfect replacement for red meat. Red wine. Bahahahahahahah.
over and out,


Anonymous rae said...

Oh man! I'm bummed that I missed out on meeting Kate's boy. Kate, you'll have to bring him again soon! Maybe to Wheels on Willy? That's a fun spectator event, and then we could all go to dinner afterwards at one of the awesome Willy Street restaurants.

6:41 AM  
Blogger KatE said...

Sure, I'll invite him, he had a good time too... especially with the Gabster.

When you be back from your tri? I'm looking forward to racing more with you!

1:18 PM  

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