Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Let the School Visits Commenceth!

It's spring and that means school visits. I did the first one last week in Tomah, Wisconsin. I sure wish I would have had time to take a ride as it's a lovely part of the state.

For anyone on the team who hasn't done a presentation yet, this one was typical; great kids and I gave six presentations (three in the morning, three after lunch). The morning class was the middle school kids and the afternoon was the high school classes. All of the kids were great and there was one kid who did amazing impersonations. He had the Ahhhnold down perfectly ("I'll be back...").

The school had gotten a grant to buy bikes for a gym session on riding so the timing of this presentation was good. As always, I covered how the team works, how we got into cycling, how we fuel up for racing and everyday living, and what they can do to improve their daily performance.

After each presentation we handed out posters and I signed a bunch of them (a few shoes too) and had some chocolate milk with my new pals.

Great kids--great school. Makes you feel good about the future of America doing these school visits!


Blogger KatE said...


Lookin' good with all the kiddies! I can't wait to do my first school presentation!


7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this everyone! I wish I were there to help out.
Much love from Colorado,

8:45 PM  

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