Monday, April 23, 2007

New Sponsor?? To be considered and determined...

On my way home from the BrownDeer Crit in Milwaukee, I was making good time... until my gas light went on between Madison and Platteville. If you've ever driven this route, you know that there are only about 2 gas stations right off the highway. When the light decided to bear it's pretty orange glow, I decided to push it further... until Belmont. I came upon Mineral Point and I saw the gas station sign and had to make the final decision... pull off the freeway and drive through town to get some gas, or push it until Belmont and risk running out of gas. I decided first option was best, so I pulled in. Bummer, I was on such a mission to get home!!!

It was all worth it when I saw this sign!!! So maybe we can hang out there for a night for fun!

Anyhow, here's to the beginning of an excellent season!



Anonymous dq said...

OHG!! That is too funny. Has Betsy G seen this yet?? I think just on principal we need to have a team rendez vous/reunion at the Dairyland motel, with bikes so we can drill ourselves in the hills of Platteville. Trisher...are you reading this???

5:36 PM  
Blogger Timmaaay said...

Actually, Platteville to Mineral Point and back to P-ville is a kick ass ride. 60 miles of lovin. I will buy breakfast, any takers?
Love you K8

6:51 PM  
Anonymous dq said...

I'm game! C'mon Kate...let's go for a long ride. I bet we could get Anna and Dr. J too!

5:15 AM  

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