Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Goodbye Mallorca!

We leave tomorrow. :( I am excited to get home to see my sweet dog, Elke, but will miss this island.

Watching the World Championships was an inspiring. What a way to start the season... watch how the World Champions do it! Racing lasted all day for 4 days and all I missed was 1 race. I am so exhausted that I feel like I raced too. One of the best parts of watching was that my coach (and friend), Missy, was with us. By talking through some of the races with her, I learned a ton.

I am adding some pictures. The first couple are the Women's Keirin. Although the derny has not pulled away yet, the three at the front happen to be the three that earned medals. By far, this is my favorite event for sprinters.

Another Keirin shot:

So, while Greg laughed at us, Missy and I quietly drooled over a couple cute buys. Theo Bos is by far the cutest sprinter and he won a Gold medal. Sign me up for the "Bos Plan!"

The best race to watch, by far, was the men's points race because of the inside story of the Spainish rider. "When his long time Madison partner Isaac Galvez tragically died during the Gent six day last November 26, Joan Llaneras considered giving up the sport. The two were reigning world champions, having won the madison together in 1999 and 2006, and had been racing as a pair for seven years. However, with the 2007 championships taking place on home soil, the 37 year-old Majorcan finally opted to carry on, deciding to ride the points race and then the madison with Carlos Torrent. He was absolutely inspired in the first of those, and he dominated the competition and drove the many local supporters into a near frenzy."

Frenzy doesn't do it justice. The whole place was going crazy during the race... the cheered like they do at soccer games here in Europe. Then, when he won, the whole place was crying. Yes, even Greg shed a tear.

That is a wrap! I hope to see you guys soon. Hey- glad to hear racing has kicked off in WI!


More pics on Missy's website if you guys are interested.


Anonymous BUNNY said...

Goodness, sounds like an exciting trip, Cari. Glad to hear it was inspiring and educational, too. Were you able to find host housing for a team camp next year?
Have a safe trip home!

10:58 AM  
Blogger katie said...

Great Photos Cari! I bet it was so awesome! I can only imagine the energy inside the velodrome.


5:53 PM  

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