Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gnomey's Big Adventure

Gnomey went to San Dimas and had a blast. He arrived with Trica on Thursday night and made his appearance at the breakfast table. Here he is having coffee with Lala and the lucky troll doll. Gnomey wasn't so sure about Lucky Troll but they seemed to get along.

Lala seemed to have a way with Gnomey and they talked often.

Gnomey had a great time at camp. He got to try a Cadbury egg but he got it all over his chin so he got a bath in the sink.

Last seen, Gnomey was in the Scion heading north to Boise. Stay tuned for future tales of life on the road.

Thanks again, Rachel, for letting us swipe your garden gnome.
He's doing great and holding up to team traveling like a champ!


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