Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallelujah praise da lawd....the Vienna Deluxe has returneth. The Brown Santa (UPS guy) was at my door when I pulled up yesterday. He gave me the thumbs up so I knew it was the coffee machine. I'd been doing the Bart Simpson thing every day waiting for it...the day before the Brown Santa brought me a small box and he said "I don't think your machine is in this one."

Oh yes...I'm enjoying a cup right now. Girls, camp can begin. We have liquid courage for all.

I had another suprise in my in box....a photo of Cowgirl Heather, in front of La Cafe Dolce in Brissy...Palms, calm yourself here. You'll be home soon! Just have a few races to go (57) yet!

Heather, you look fantastic and thanks for sending the photo.

So today is a fast group ride in Dousman. Me and about 50 boys. Jamie's mom, Debbie, drives the sag vehihcle and is a PRO at motorpacing. I know cause I get lots of practice going it on the first group ride. As in "doh,,,dropped again...floor it Debbie! Wait..not so fast...ok. I'm gonna die...ok, I'm back..." (rinse & repeat).

To the team:
Jamie-san, I hope you are enjoying Belgium. Eikey, how's NC? Minty we have some serious coffee drinking to do next week. Boom boom, Palms, Lala and Nat.....rock'em in Cali. Mamas Schmitt & Couch, I'll be thinking of you and wishing you were with us next week. Heather & Ron...keep riding and flying the bovine colors in OZ.


Anonymous Cowgirl Heather said...

Cowgirl Heather here,

Sunday is our fast 100k ride. Wet roads & crazy bunch = nasty stack x 2....then I had to ride another 50k's home. Road rash is hurtin' bad. Luckliy I wasn't wearing my new Cowgirls strip. My Italia nicks are trashed however.....gotta love cycling !

10:15 PM  
Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

You are most definitely a cowgirl. Two "bingles" in one ride and finishing with get 200 tough girl points for that.

I hope today is dryer and more upright.

Tricia and I talked yesteray for an hour and she was telling me all about how she used to sit in the chairs right behind you (from your photo at the cafe). I can't wait to get there and meet you and Ron and have a coffee on the ride!!

Cheerios for now--rebecca

3:40 AM  

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