Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Newest member of the team

Let me introduce myself.... I am the Moovin Gnome, a cousin of the travelocity gnome. I was snatched from my current owners house last weekend and entered a world of weird voices and things. I have always wanted to travel so this may be the time for me. I always wanted to be like my cuz travelocity, however I feel it in my plastic that something bigger and better is in store for me. I can't wait!!!!!!!!
Here is a piccie of me in that strange place with weird voices. My new friends ( L-R) Maggie,Whippy and
Kooka. They tell me they are all the way from Australia... hmmm that explains the weird sounding voices.
Till next time as I am hoping that I will be moovin soon ;)


Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

OOHHHHHHH WEEEEEEE ....we love him and Shananna (formerly known as Anna - aka lit'l minty) named him Gouda! like the CHEESE!!!!!


B.R. (Big Red) you have the cutest lill' Gnocheeze! I mean Gnomee! whatever! Cannot WAIT for the lit'l 'couch' Gouda to arrive!!!!!

...Laura (waiting with baited breath)

Palms! Gnome is cuter than I remember and Red, thanks for letting Palms steal him from you so he can see the world. Stay tuned to the blog for the adventures of Gouda Gnome in Lala land...I mean dairyland.

9:48 AM  

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