Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Where are my teammates?

Hi all

Just a friendly note, wishing I had some gals to ride with. Love my kids, but they don't make the best training partners. Instead I rode with three great guys, whom were on MTB's or pulling a trailer, so I (having my fast, little cowbike) had the advantage!!
We stopped back at our house to rub it in to Kevin, who was on kid duty! He's the one with the little baby Kendra.
Don't forget to check out the snow in the background, especially you California chicks! Gotta love Wis.

Ride on - -
Momma Schmitt


Anonymous DQ said...

Hi Momma Schmitt!
You look great and I have a helmet for you. Time to ditch the pink for the white one!

Glad you got out to ride and even gladder that Kevin was on kid duty. Tell him it's sexy. In fact, he can be in our episode of the "Woman Show."
have we told you about that yet??

1:44 PM  

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