Monday, March 20, 2006

A Brief Recap of San Dimas 06

The team went to Southern Cal to ride together and test out our fitness (or varying degrees thereof) in the San Dimas Stage race. Might I just note that I said to at least three people before I left Wisco that whenever I go on spring training trips the weather turns to crap wherever I go. True to form, the weather was crap. On the bright side there were many, many high notes. Let's start with Mark Polosky, now known as Mr. Incredible who hosted the team, kept our bikes cleaned and tuned, drove us around and let us cook for him (under protest). We could not have had such a great camp without Mark. Photos of Mark with the team can be found on He's the tall, dark and handsome guy trying to pretend he doesn't know us.

So other highlights. Miss Natalie nabbed the Under 23 white jersey, and with a cold no less. In her first NRC event, Nat had MANY firsts and I'll just review them here:
- a new nickname: Pack Nat (for taking 2 bikes, a 70 pound suitcase, a portable dvd player and somehow in all that she was missing an undershirt but that was ok. I had an extra one in my one little suitcase. :) Hee hee, just teasing Nat, we love ya! Good job!
- Nat got an official boyfriend. It wasn't official but the boy passed the test. He held his composure while meeting Nat's 5 big sisters and Bad Dad (Mark).
- Nat got her first call up in an NRC event and there are photos of her in her jersey on and here's one of her on the podium getting her final jersey. That would be Kristin Armstrong and other notable riders next to Nat on the podium.
- Very notably, we put Nat up to a prank and Nat delivered perfectly. She actually got Tricia to stop cussing for 5 seconds. It was brilliant comedy. I think this is the beginning o of a beautiful relationship, Nat.

So the team had a blast riding. Lil Minty was in top form, keeping the laughs flowing. Anna has a gift...I'm not sure what else to call it, but she can make just about anyone laugh just by dancing when she gets food she likes. There are just too many Minty stories to even and thanks to Anna the team will introduce a new line of clothing....can't say what 'cause it's a secret but it's going to make the team millions.

While you're waiting to hear what it is, here's a photo to amuse you. On the traditional trip to Target, we took Frankie along. As always, we were captivated by shiny objects...this time it was the sunglass display. We all got ridiculous sunglasses and laughed ourselves silly.

I'm the only one who actually raced in her ridiculous sunglasses.
Here's a photo of Anna in her pair....looking so ridiculous it's fashionable.

The team got to ride with Betsy for the first time. We discovered that the more Betsy and Tricia are together, the better ab workout we all get. Add Minty to the bunch and we could sell epidsodes of sitcoms. Hey--another revenue angle, girls!

Speaking of Betsy, she is one tough bike rider. And I don't just mean the Cannondale variety. She rides around on a huge motorcycle when she's not on her other bike.

And for some reason, this blog isn't letting me add any more photos and I have to go to work. stay tuned for more recap of San Dimas...

LALA, nice job in the crit yesterday--=and Betsy, stellar blocking. Tricia and Nat and Anna, it was AWESOME riding with everyone. Give us another month and we'll be storming the peloton. Bovis Fuggagit!

Sorry can't post more photos many priceless ones to show you. More later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the news again
Hi Cowgirls - saw your pictures on Cycling News this morning. Fantastic! Great exposure, Laura and Betsy figured prominently in the race reports and photos. Congrats to Natalie on winning Best Young Rider.
Just love the photo caption about the milk and tea racers.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Ron said...

Hey, hang on - not Anonymous, that last comment was from Ron.

We're barracking for the Cowgirls here in Brissie...


7:58 PM  
Anonymous Dairy Queen said...

HI Ron!
The photographer is a sweetie. He got some great shots but then again, it's a good looking team!

It was a crazy week. Stand by for more photos...
Say hi to Heather!!

4:56 AM  

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