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The power of the cow jersey

I really had to post this as I am having more and more of these experiences and I must say they are fantastic. Now we all know that we have the coolest kits out there but what is cooler is the reputation attached to the jersey.
The first experience was at Nelsons Landing when a fellow competitor wished me luck for the road race and I said thanks and I would see her out there. Her response was, "Oh no, you are fast, you won't see me at the front." I replied ,"Thanks, but why do you think I am fast?" Her reply," You are on America's Dairyland, you must be fast." My response, "Well that is what drinking milk does for you!" A lame response I know but at that point in time my witt(what little I have of it) had left me. I think we need to come up with some pre prepared witty responses for our sponsors so these situations can go a little beeter.
Since then I have had a number of people I see out riding here in Colorado who know the team, mainly ex wiscosinites. Today on my ride home from the group ride I rode up to a guy at a stop light and he immediately asked me if I was from Wisonsin!!! I said no but my team is. He said I know, I know some of the girls on you team - Julie S and Rebecca. Now I should actaully play the 20 question game with both of you until you guess who he is, but I know I won't be online much this week due to standardised testing at school so I will tell you it was Neil Oberbeck. He said to say hi to both of you and to Julies husband. He used to ride with Juiles husband!!!! He als0 said to tell you that he and Heidi have a 2 and a half year old. (Sorry I can't remember if it was a girl or a boy.) Can you believe that..... I am not sure if it a "the world is so small" or the " jersey is well known" I am actually going with the fact that the jersy is well know and has a great reputation attatched to it.
After he turned off I was thinking about the power of the jersey and the reputation it has, this takes time to build and I want to thank all the past and current cowgirls who have contributed in their own way to build this, especially Rebecca.

A quick hi to Ron in Brissie - enjoy all of that rain i hear you are having this weekend!!

To all of the teamies enjoy your week and can't wait to see ya'll soon....



Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

Palms! That's awesome. I think I mentioned to (was was it more like "warned") Ron in "Brisee" that wearing that jersey is like walking a cow down a busy street. People WILL come up and talk to you. I love it.
Did you know that the population of the earth owes its existence to the cow--for food, milk, hide and all the other things they did with the unmentionable parts? I think the indians made snowshoes out of the guts or something.*

So glad you are a cowgirl, Palmy!
*I'm not sure where that came from...probably the same sector of my brain that holds the latin.

5:23 AM  
Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

Bec, I always knew you were a fountain of knowledge but these latest facts have me thinking that this fountain defiantely runs deep!!!
PS I am glad I am a cowgirl

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Ron said...

Hi Palms,

Well...the rain in Brissie degenerated into near cyclonic conditions on Sunday. At the start of our regular ride to Redcliffe it was very windy and there was a little misty rain falling. I though it was too windy - there would be a howling headwind blowing on the Hornibrook Highway, so I went home to our CBD apartment (and promptly fell asleep). But Heather never wants to miss a ride so she went with the small group that turned out. A little over an hour and a half later I was woken by my mobile phone. It was Heather calling - "Can you come and get me from Redcliffe? The wind keeps blowing me off my bike, and it's pouring." I looked out the window - it was really bucketing down, and the potted trees on our 16th floor balcony were being shredded. After the usual "I told you so's" and some debate about whether she should take Lance's example and ride home whatever the weather I relented and went to collect her.

Believe it or not, after all the rain the city's dams are still only at 30% capacity, and we are expecting severe water use restrictions soon.

Hope this doesn't make you feel too homesick Palms. haha...I'll let you explain the Brissie references to the Cowgirls.

Oh, while I'm here, I should explain Heather's affinity with cows. Her birthday is in April (a Taurean), and so according to our local newspaper astrologer a "cowperson".

Now there's a thought, could all you Cowgirls be Taureans too?

Now here's the important question. Do I give Heather the team kit when it arrives? Or should I keep the secret until her birthday on April 26? What do you think Cowgirls?

Cheers - Ron

6:00 PM  
Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

Hey Ron,

Sounds like Heather is one tough chick ( or should I say cow?) I would not have gone out in those conditions. I once did a tri at Redcliffe and the run was over the hornibrook bridge and I was nearly blown over!!! So I know exactly what you mean. I am not sure if I like the snow and cold or the rain and heat better. Which Sunday ride do you do? The Star Cafe,Park Road,Zupps or another new cool group ride?
I can unfortunatley believe the 30% full as Mum is worried about the water.She has a block of land just outside of Montville and desperately needs the water to keep the rainforest she has created. She loves to tell me about it in our monthly chats!!!
As for when to give Heather the kit, my vote is for her birthday.
Hope you can get out and ride this weekend.


P.S. It did make me homesick ahen I read your comments as there is no cooler place than BrisVegas but the cowgirls here definatley make me feel at home here.........

8:33 PM  
Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

oooooh I'd like to do the Star Cafe ride. Sounds like there's coffee involved!
So Heather is a Taurus? I just checked my cowgirl birthday chart and do not see one Taurus in the bunch but I seem to be missing Betsy's day. Humm.
I didn't realize you all had a water issue there and what's this about your mum creating a rain forest? I can't wait to see THAT!
:) Rebecca

4:57 AM  
Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

Hi Ron

I'm with Rebecca, wait till Heather's birthday! But in the mean time, buy a little cow pin, all wrapped up and have her think that's the main gift. Then come her birthday, surprise her with the kit. That's what my husband would do, try to fool me. But
just don't make the box gift sound too good.

PS: sounds like you guys are very tough bike riders.. If you ever get this way to cow land, wis let us know. Love to ride with ya.

ONe of the fellow cowgirls,
Julie S

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Ron said...

Cowgirls on the streets of Brisbane...
Hmmm - I couldn't keep the secret, gave Heather the kit last night. It fits perfectly and looks great. Heather wore it to her squad training this morning. Reps of Mt Gravatt - Palms, you would love it (haha). Her teammates were very envious.

We mostly ride with the Cycleogical bunch and usually finish at Park Road for coffee and breakfast. Park Road is the hub of cycling in central Brissie and the owners of La Dolce Vita cafe are Tifosi - if you are wearing cycling kit then you get a discount. They even gave a free breakfast for cyclists at Christmas. The family patriarch is probably in his eighties but still whistles the rides off at 6:00 am each morning.

Sounds like your husband is a real tease Julie. We don't feel like tough bike riders when we see the conditions you guys endure. Apart from the odd rainy day it's never very cold here but does get hot and humid in summer.

Hey Rebecca, there is plenty of good coffee over here - too bad about your espresso machine, I've just turned mine on to warm up.

Will post some pictures soon.



3:54 PM  
Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

Betsy has the same birthday as you Bec!!!!!!!!

7:37 PM  

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