Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cari's Update!

Gosh... there is so much to fill everyone in on! Where do I start?

I guess I will start here, right here in the Milwaukee airport. Since Midwest Airline has been kind enough to sponsor our team, I try to fly them as much as possible. Hence the reason that I have a layover here in WI on my way home from PA.

The last two weeks have been packed FULL of racing for me. While Betsy and team were representing at Nature Valley, I officially kicked off my track racing season in beautiful Trexlertown, PA. This velodrome seems to attract huge international competition by hosting UCI races throughout the summer. On the men's side of racing, there were several National teams training and racing in PA these last couple weeks. On the women's side of things, we had a handful of internationals including the World Champion Keirin girl from Germany. More importantly to me was the ability to match up against the top US track sprinters early in the season. There were also many super talented endurance girls racing (Gina Grain, Teresa Cliff-Ryan) at the track which kept the endurance events fast and active.

Here is a quick look at the past two weeks and my schedule:
-June 14, first day there... unpack the bikes and spin the legs
-June 15, UCI Keirin Cup (2 sessions of racing)
-June 16, NRC Crsystal City Crit
-June 17, another big crit in DC
-June 18, sleep
-June 19, UCI Sprint Day (two sessions of racing)
-June 20, sleep
-June 21, start to get home sick
-June 22, UCI Fastest Man (Woman) on Wheels (2 sessions of racing)
-June 23, NRC Rochester Twilight
-June 24, drive back to PA
-June 25, hang out with host family for the first time
-June 26, go home

9 "sesssions" of racing in 12 days... my own personal stage race! As you can see, I have not had much down time... which is the way I like it when I am traveling because then I don't think about missing my cute puppy at home (and the husband.)

I have so many stories to share and pictures to post. If I posted everything now, this blog would be way to long to hold anyone's attention. So, instead, I will post a little each day this week!


Here is a little Keirin video from Worlds this year... the women's final. Jennie Reed is the top US Woman sprinter and was in this final.... she was also in PA these past couple weeks. Muche (2006 World Champion) got disqualified from the final in a previous start that is not shown on this video. But, she was also in PA these last couple weeks.

P.S. I don't know why the youtube address is not linked... I am working on becoming more youtube literate.

Take care!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you having a good time doing what you love--and finding cute cows to keep your mind off your cute puppy when you're on the road! ; )

5:20 AM  
Anonymous dq said...

Hi Cari!
nice job racing and who is your friend in the photo?? That's a cute little cow you have there.
I got a Cari-spotting email while you were at the track. Some guy (Joe?) emailed me to say he'd seen you race and thought you were awesome and wanted to buy the jersey and possible a bike too. Thanks for representing the herd on the track!! I wish I could have been there to see you race.

5:21 AM  
Blogger KatE said...

Cari! You are inspiring! Keep the wheels turning, and I hope to see you here in wisco for ALLLLLL of the superweek! :) (okay maybe not all of 'em, but most!??)

Talk to you soon.

ps. can you take me to the track someday??

4:49 AM  

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