Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kate & DQ in Platteville

Kate and I did a school presentation in Platteville on Wednesday. When I left I stopped in Belmont (first capitol of Wisconsin--just think...this statue could have been on top of the statehouse) and HAD to get a photo of this dancing cow. Dang, she's all ready to dos-i-do or something. Swing your partner to the left, now the right, now milk your partner, dos-i-do, milkshake left and milkshake right, yeeeeharrwwww!!

(I took sqauredancing in high school).

Anyway, I met up with Kate at her friend TIm's bike shop on main street, conveniently loacted across the street from the Badger Coffee shop. Kate had lost her car keys somewhere so we hatched a plan to drive her home, get her spare key, then go for a ride. But first, we needed coffee. Turns out Kate knew the owners and we had a schwag swap. Kate and I got coffee shop shirts and we gave back posters and our pink t-shirt. We talked to the owners, Bob and Linda, about making up some team coffee and they loved the idea. Note to Eikes; I need a coffee label..we will just add that to our to do list.

I got to see Kate's house--too cute!! It's cozy and has a fantastic view. We decided it'd be an awesome place to have a girl retreat. We'll work on that for the fall.

Riding in Platteville means riding hills. Kate is a wicked fast descender and I had to big ring it on her wheel just to stay with her. We did some sprint practice and it was an awesome ride. It was 80 degrees so we worked up a nice sweat and made progress on our bad tans lines. THen we gave a presentation to all the kids at Platteville High School. That went fine, but I had to really think hard so I didn't say anything that I'd normally say to 6th graders. Kate did a great job and the youth seemed to like it. At that age you never know...16 year olds are hard to talk to at times.

That's it for now. Good luck to everyone riding Joe Martin: The Betsys, Cari and Dr. J. Heather, I hope your knee is doing better. Me, Eikes, Kate and Anna are tackling Muskego on Saturday. I think between me and Rachel we've won that race about 6 times, so maybe a 7th is in order.

Cheers til soon,


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