Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Well, this weekend in Colorado was gorgeous weather. These are the days I was dreaming of in Dec-Jan-Feb-March when we had our horrific winter.

I was teased for a little while with the thought that Rebecca might come visit us Colorado Cowgirls. But, understandably, when that fell apart, I decided to head to the track. Yep, that's right... I missed some super fun local races to go try and find my track legs.
After all, it is almost June and I need to know if the speed is with me. Friday we trained and Saturday we did have some low-key racing on the track; they call it the Creamed Corn Cup because all you win is a can of creamed corn. But, it is fun to see everyone out on the track and get those early season nerves over with. I raced with the men and my legs still felt super heavy from last weekend. So nothing to write about. Today, I worked with my coach on standing starts in big gear for strength... UGH!

Greg and I (and Elke) packed up the car and headed down for the full weekend. We stayed with our friend Katie and Mark and their sweet dogs. Just for the sake of you guys getting to know my world out here, I am posting pictures of th dogs. The rottweiller on the right is Elke- my precious monkey. We sometimes call her Moochie; she is for sure the sweetest rottweiller ever. Bella is Katie & Mark's rottie. And the Aussie Sheppard is Katie & Mark's little Ruffus.


Anonymous dq said...

Nice photos, Cari! I'm glad you got some track practice in and sorry I couldn't make it out there.

The dogs are adorable and seeing them makes me want a rottweiler!

Your legs will come around and you'll feel awesome!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back in your element, Cari. Be sure to save a few of those fast-twitch muscle fibers for the climbs...up the banked curve! ; )

Dr. J

4:20 AM  
Anonymous BUNNY said...

I love your pink bike, Cari!
Thanks for posting pics of your super cute dog. Have fun on the track-- I know you will be kicking some rumps soon!

Miss you all,

7:05 PM  

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