Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rainy Day Mischief

Here's a photo of Rachel from Downers Grove last year. She looks good in a towel.

I'm really bored!! I left a message for Anna, then decided I'd pick on Rachel on the blog. I never had a use for this photo except for messing with her. Love ya Eikes!!

This next photo is one Trish took last summer of some weird cow puppets. Ya know, when you are on this team it's a given that you'll notice cows more. Cows are fair game for lots of venues. My parents have a crumb vacuum that is a hostein. I tried to "borrow" it for Betsy G but they weren't ready to give it up yet. They have no idea of what they have and how good I would feel if I posessed the cow crumb vacuum.

I'd say that's about enough from me. Over and out from headquarters on a rainy Tuesday.


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