Sunday, June 24, 2007


We had an issue with the blog for a couple of weeks; no one could sign in but now it's working again. I think I had my password wrong...gahhhhhhh.

Anyway, as the website points out, it's been a busy few weeks for the team what with Cari and bunny out east, Heather recuperating, Betsy riding strong at NVGP, and Kate, Rachel, Anna and Julie holding down the fort in Wisco.

So in other news, I just bought a farm. I'll be moving in August, so my life is going to be a shade goofier than usual. August also happens to be the busiest month for Trek so I hope to survive the move and all-hands-on-deck at work and come out unscathed. Or at least not a slobbering fool who forgets her name.

So Kate and I had a lovely dinner last night to celebrate my new farm and her 3rd place at Whitewater. As usual, the gang at UW-Whitewater cooked up a goofy race. I've been doing their races for 5 or 6 years and at least one of their races is going to have some strange, never before seen element. For example, 3 years ago their road race featured a feed zone at the bottom of a descent. I've never been more terrified as when I tried to do a handup with a peloton coming at me at 60k/hour. When the group blazed by I turned around to see my feed zone compatriots all wore a horrified look and at least one or two had jumped in the ditch when the bottles they were holding got punched to the moon. I stayed and did a feed the second lap too and one guy got his bottle.

Gotta love the club though--they keep trying and some of their events are great.

So it's early and I'm heading to Boulder for a meeting tomorrow, then heading right home again. 24 hours, 2000 miles and one meeting. Kate and I went to Stone'st throw yesterday so I could get some proper casual business attire. All my outfits from STone's throw were from the late winter so I was out of date!!! Happily, the store is as good as ever and I got some Sugoi pants and some funky athletic/business shoes. I LOVE that store!

cheers to all...more soon,


Anonymous BUNNY said...

Congrats on the big purchase, DQ! I can't wait to see it and help you muck out some stalls. And I also can't wait to visit the Horny Toads at Stone's Throw! Can we go there when I come visit next month??

5:56 AM  
Anonymous dq said...

Yes indeed to cleaning stalls and Stone's throw!! I was just at Stone's throw on Saturday and got some super cute pants. I took Kate along and we had a lovely time shopping around. She got a pink timbuktu bag and I got pants and shoes that I just love.
I can't wait for 24-9!

12:25 PM  

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