Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cari's School Visit... Surprise!

Check it out... I can even do school visits in Boulder! Well, this school visit had a little different focus the the ones you guys do in WI. But, for what it is worth, check out my friend's blog.

Jenni is a shcool teacher at a Waldorf school here in Boulder. During this time of year, the high school kids get to pick a "Spring Experience." Jenni organized a week of teaching and training some kids on how to prepare for a duathlon. Luckily, she asked Greg and I to help her out and teach the kids some general cycling skills. So much fun!

On another note, I am sitting in our host house here in Fayetteville. Bunny, Dr. J, Big Red, and I are all here. (Well Big Red just got back from the race meeting.) Betsy1 arrives late tonight. Tomorrow starts the big weekend... we will keep you updated.



Anonymous dq said...

Hey Cari, that's awesome that you did a school talk! Wish I could have seen it and thanks for posting the photo. Way to go!

good luck today at Joe M. Rip it up...have fun and enjoy lovely Arkansas. It's mighty pretty there!

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to miss you when you were in town, good luck racing to you and your teammates!!!


6:47 AM  
Anonymous dq said... that Petra as in Greg and Petra??? And maybe I was spelling your name wrong for years???

3:51 PM  

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