Thursday, May 24, 2007

Muskego & Denzer.... Delightful!

Hey CoWgirLs...

My bud Evan H sent me some sweet photos-- It is always a great surprise to get awesome e-mails!! :) (thanks ev.).

We'll start with shenanigans. Becccs and I are styling our "moo-i-licious" changing skirts. Yet to come... the WEIGHTED changing skirts. Yes, that's right, no more Marilyn Monroe moments when the wind picks up... and you end up mooning the entire parking lot. Phhhhffff-- we all know THAT has never happened. (from our photo, no one would have ever known that I had just been sick after my race 45 mins earlier from (an excellent) breakfast that was too large, toooooo late!!) live and learn! :)

Next is shot at the line at Denzer-

I'm just crossing the line (behind) the majority of our field for the sprint- If I were first I would have had to practice the jersey zip up/victory fist shake/"hiieeeeya"... Remember, Julie had already crossed the line some time before us!! Again, Great job Julie! You kick boo-tay on the hills!

I had a blast at WheelsONwilly- Looking forward to being more active in the field- Enjoy your weekends.

Anyhone heading to the Quad Cities Crit??

Much Love!


Anonymous dq said...

Nice photos,Kate!! I can't wait for the weighted changing skirt. I flashed someone when the wind blew up my skirt and I didn't even know I was exposed on the back side until I felt the breeze. Doh.

Good job all weekend--and we'll get that food thing dialed in. I'll have you on the fool proof-anti-barf BECX pre-race regimin in no time.

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lookin' good, Kate! Good luck at the Quad Cities Crit. I'll be climbing the Blue Mounds during an uphill TT on Saturday and then lounging in a lawn chair with beer and brats for the rest of the weekend. ; )

Dr. J, finding her inner Wisconsonite

5:45 AM  

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