Monday, May 15, 2006

Sleepless in Arkansas...and Missouri...and Illinois...

I just read Julie's post about the birthday cake and I kind of wish I'd of been at the birthday parties instead of driving my car across the country. The good news is we all made it back from Joe Martin intact. It was another one of those trips where things don't go as planned and the domino affect starts rolling.

The highlights:
- my cancelled flight leaving me with two options; stay home or drive. I drove
- Racing on zero sleep. I lasted 10k then went on a 95km joy ride through the beautiful Arkansas hills.
- Finishing the race only to find Trish in the medic tent with an IV in her arm
- Natalie was looking for us and couldn't find us in the tent but Betsy found her
- Going out to eat in our pink polos...collars UP
- Hanging out in Fayetteville on Saturday and getting stuck in Graduation, Track meet, and world softball championship traffic on our way to pick up Trish and Betsy after the second RR.
- Trish in the medic tent getting an iv after the second RR
- the great cheering section for Trish and Betsy at Devil's den (cowbells and udderly smooth for all!)
- going out to eat in our initial shirts. Our shirts spelled NERP
- Betsy and Trish overdosing on pedialyte which led to a condition we shall not discuss, even on the blog
- Taking photos of the street signs with Natalie (Natalie Lane, Rebecca Lane, even an Eicher Road!!!)

So....stage races are guaranteed to not go smoothly. We could of done with a few less bumps but NVGP should be better since we'll have support and hopefully, no cancelled flights.

Cheerios and good job to Betsy, Palms and Nat!


Anonymous nat-nat-nat said...

Well put Bec..Glad you made it home safely. The weekend was a blast! NERP and all! haha

1:58 PM  
Anonymous DQ said...

hey Nat! Nerp to you too!
That was fun and i can't wait to get the photos. :)

2:18 PM  

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