Monday, April 17, 2006

80 Degrees & Sunny...hello bad tan lines

So Natalie, myself and Rachel went to Wrightstown (near Green Bay) for a time trial last weekend. It was so warm I rode only in a skinsuit--no undershirt, arm warmers and unfortunately, no sun screen. I got a little pink but no big deal. I got a start on my racing stripes on my arms. (that's what you get when you move your jersey up and down everyday so you get a striped affect).

Natty kept her lead on the Wisconsin Cup series by charging into first, I was 4th and Rachel 5th. The course was fantastic. Rolling hills and a little bit of wind. I heard one guy crashed in a pothole. Ow.

After the TT we rode to cool down and Rachel took the town sign. I was wondering why she seemed to be suddenly picking up the pace on a cool down ride? DOH!! Natty and I were chatting away and I when I saw the town sign I said "oh rats...this ought to be a good victory salute." But, Eikey was modest and didn't even do her salute..which is a smart one. For the record though, Eikey got the only sprint of the day and there were no Scion sitings to speak of.

Until yesterday. I went out for coffee with my friend Kiwi Mike (he's from New Zealand) and as we were driving downtown I saw a black Scion and yelled "SCION" and punched him. He laughed--'cause he's polite-- but he most definitely had a funny look on his face. Like "why did you just smack me?" I explained the object of the game to him and I think he got it...or maybe he was just being polite.

Anyhoo, that's the news from here. Hope everyone had a nice, candy filled easter.


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