Friday, March 23, 2007

Miss you All

Hi Teamies,
What a long week. I was looking through photos from camp (um, can't call it band camp anymore) and found this one with Yogi, "the thief" dog. Hey Heather, did you ever find your blue tooth?

So the good news of the week is we got Tifosi sunglasses for all. Two pair even! I'll be handing those out/mailing them shortly. Well, the first pair, anyway. Rachel and I tag teamed on this one; I had the contact, Eikes did the leg work and she got us 2 pairs each!! I was sporting my set today, even though it wasn't sunny.
Thank you Eikimoff!

Tomorrow I'm doing the Drop the Doc spring "training" series. If I can hang tomorrow, I'll be in good enough shape to race next week. Send good vibes to Betsy1, who is racing Redlands. As you know from her bio, that race "kills her everytime but she keeps going back." Atta girl, Boom boom. The next time might be the breakthrough...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the leg work to get us some glasses! You guys ROCK...

Looking forward to this weekend--Rob just left today for colorado... so Im' bachin' it all week! Party.


6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks Rachel for scoring the very cool shades. I've been walking around Cedar Rapids with mine, and people keep stopping me on the street to say, "Those glasses--I've gotta have those glasses!"

2:38 PM  

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