Sunday, March 04, 2007

California Here We come

The pasty white Wisco riders, anyway. The trio of Heather, Betsy and Cari have been racing in Cali and AZ already so they have a good start to their tans. Me, Julie and Kate will be doing our best to not burn ourselves to crispy bacon. Make that tofu-bacon.

Btw, this is DAY 10 of vegetenarianism for me and it's going well. My energy is really good, in spite of this wicked virus I'm in the process of beating back. Dr J brought me some soup on Thursday night which was really sweet.

I think I've talked to everyone in the last few days and what I heard from you is all upbeat and all are anxious to spend more time together. I have to say this is one cohesive bunch of riders. It gets better every year so thanks everyone for looking after one another.

Send good vibes from the home front. And just for your viewing fun, here are a few of my favorite photos from last year's camp:
This is Anna and her super sweet brother, Frankie, at the coffee shop in Pomona.

And below is Anna, dancing with some yummy food. Anna will dance when she gets food she likes, like chocolate. This is how it looks when she's tucked in and gets some treat.

And I had to re-post this one. It's a priceless shot of Laura pretending to drive Betsy's motorcycle with Trish on the back. Note Laura's cow print changing skirt.

And what would a blog entry be w/o a photo of Tippy playing dead? She's very much alive and snoring in the living room right now.

Have a great weekend. We'll write more from the road.


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