Thursday, February 15, 2007

Outdoor workout hazards

That's right.... MOOO!

Today, I decided that it would be a perfect day for an outdoor ride-even though everything told me that it was below zero degrees. It just looked too nice outside with the sun shining. I would take my mtn bike on the Galena River Trail and do a little snow riding on the trail. (Part of the trail is accessible by cars, so I knew a part of it would be plowed.)

Well, I got there and tried to ride on the snow. One thing I didn't consider is the type of snow. This snow is like sugar- you could never make a snowman with this snow, and as I found out today, it is somewhat-impossible to ride on! I ended up taking a nice leisure 25 min ride. The cold wasn't tooo bad, but the face was a little chilly.
Towards the end of my short-lived ride, it was getting colder and I noticed everything icing up a bit. Nothing too serious though... THEN, I saw this sweet snow pile. I gave into the temptation to jump on to the snow pile and make it 'splat'. Well... needless to say, I hit it and totally endo-ed. man! ouch! weird. I peeled myself off of the ground and looked around to see if anyone saw this display of ridiculousness. Everything is okay, a few more scratches on the bike, another bruise on the bod... but really it is just a reminder of how much I need to work on my jumping skills.

Outdoor workout hazard #1:
Beaware of little snowpiles that look like they may be slushy.. they are not- the're probably frozen.


Anonymous dq said...

you get 300 tough girl points for that ride, kate. 200 for actually riding in it, and another 100 for crashing into the snow pile.

Dang, you, Julie, Betsy S and Cari were SUCH the right additions to the team. I don't even have to blog anymore since all of you are even more coo coo than I am!!! I have to say, I am really enjoying reading all of these exploits and they aren't even mine! Ride on tough girl!

8:01 PM  
Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

I guess your posting goes to show: it doesn't matter whether you're indoors or outdoors--February is the cruelest month for Midwestern bikers. We're all eager to get our biking season underway, but our ambitions are on ice until the Spring thaw (and out West, they're racing already!)

I think we need to learn to just chill! -J3

8:39 AM  
Anonymous schmitt said...

Next time, you need to outline the "Mooo" in yellow.
For picture's sake.

Now that would be a fun pic for the web, "the outlining".


10:03 AM  

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