Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day 5 as a Vegetarian

My new vegetarian outlook on life is going well. Last night I had mustard greens smothered in onions and olive oil over bulghur wheat. Yum-my! I should of taken a photo for you. It was a tasty green mess.

I have Betsy S to thank for this new approach. Thanks, Bunny! Today's menu stars eggs and toast. Tonight it's veggie burgers (hand made). To celebrate going meatless, I'm getting a microwave so I can heat up all those veggie burgers I'm going to make.

In other news, Wisco is getting more snow (insert cuss word here). The mailman left me a note yesterday to the effect of " please shovel out the approach to your mailbox." I'm going to leave him a note that says "please leave chocolate and I'll shovel out the mailbox."

Is he kidding?? There's 5' of snow in front of my mailbox!! If I wanted to break down a concrete wall I'd do it. In the meantime, I'm going to put a laundry basket on the lawn with a sign: "LEAVE MAIL HERE."

Alrighty, if you haven't figured out that I've got nothing meaningful to say today, you need more coffee. Humm. coffeeeeeeeeeeee.....


Anonymous BUNNY said...

Yay for vegetarianism! Good job, DQ. I wish I was still there-- your food sounds so yummy! And I would give you a refresher on Sudoku. Hope that snow melts fast.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

You can also always make meatless chilli.

Just dump several cans of petit tomatoes, cut up one onion, tomato sauce, and chilli beans, black beans, chilli powder, and noodles.

That's my kind of fast, food. Made some just this past weekend, on Sunday. Altough mine had some hamburger in it. Opps.

Take care

10:01 AM  
Anonymous rae said...

My niehgbor recently got me hooked on veggie breakfast links. I'm not a vegetarian, but I am opposed to eating questionable meat, and I feel that most breakfast meats are of questionable origin. Therefore, I highly recommend veggie breakfast links. I'm not saying they're not of quesionable origin--check out the ingredients list--sheesh! I'm just sayin' I'd rather eat chickpeas of questionable origin than pigs.

And to delicously round out a hearty morning breakfast sans meat, you can make breakfast burritos--scramble some eggs with fresh diced tomatoes and green chiles, top with some yummy shredded Wisco cheddar cheese and wrap in a tortilla. De-lish. Oh. Do vegetarians eat eggs?

10:02 AM  
Anonymous dq said...

ooo, that sounds yummy!! And I'm with you. A shady chick pea beats cow parts any day.

You crack me up eikes.

Betsy doesn't eat things with eyes, so I'm going with that too. I suppose the fact that an egg has potential to hatch (thus have eyes) might keep some veggie types from eating eggs, but not me!

11:21 AM  
Anonymous dq said...

PS: Jules!! Thanks for the meatless chili recipe with beef in it. I'm still giggling!!

11:22 AM  

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