Sunday, February 25, 2007

Killer Yoga, Rockin'on Rocks and *(*%Snow

Hi all you crazy cats. What a fun weekend! Sorry 'bout all the snow but at least we kept busy. Cari, it's a good thing you went out last night 'cause we barely made it out of the driveway this morning. I got up and looked out the window and was disappointed again that my neighbors had not cleared my driveway yet. Harumph!! It would seem that the feeling sorry for the poor single woman thing isn't working anymore??

Well anyway, I was getting confident of my driving-in-snow ability so we blasted out of the garage, me driving and Betsy manning the garage door opener, but we lost traction half way up the driveway. The second time we made it farther up the driveway. The third time we got stuck and were forced to shovel the car out. Betsy and I were a little sore from yoga yesterday so while the shoveling was hard work, at least we were loose!

My favorite b-fest placed was closed and so was Caribou so we went to Starbucks. Here's a photo of Betsy opening the door. Look, the door has a convenient "snow stop."

After b-fest we checked Betsy's flight and discovered that while it'd been showing up as delayed until noon all morning, it was miraculously moved back to its original time slot. That meant a mad dash for the car. I think Betsy made it on as I didn't get a phone call. I'm hoping like heck she made it out of Milwaukee.

Btw, Betsy showed me her Sodoku method and I've already messed it up. I tried to do it and duhhhh....I forgot how. Betsy, I am giving myself a D so far on Soduki.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

too much fun... i hope to see everyone soon!

i am off to california tomorrow assuming the stupid car people have my car ready in the morning. there is a possibility of not getting out until tuesday


8:07 PM  
Anonymous dq said...

Cari, good luck with the travels. I talked to Papa Couch last night and he said he saw you on the ride. Small world! I asked him if your bike was working and he said it seemed so. Let me know how it's performing, will you? Have a safe trip! rebecca

5:35 AM  

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