Monday, February 19, 2007

Gnomey Says HI TEAM!

Hi y'all,
Some of you newer cowgirls may not know about Gnomey yet. He's had an eventful life, thanks to the team. His story is he used to reside in Rachel Couch's Boulder, Colordado garden but then Trish (sniff sniff, our Aussie cowgirl who is now back in OZ) liberated him from the garden and Gnomey went on a road trip to Boise, Idaho. There he lived with Lala (Laura Downey, sniff sniff, another cowgirl who retired then unretired) who took him to California last March. Gnomey got to see Pomona and had a good time. We even blogged about him then.

Gnomey arrived in Madison last spring and has had a respite from travel. He's getting tired of snow and not traveling has made him sad. He is ready to go on a road trip and is very excited that the team is coming to town. He knows he'll get to ride in a bike box soon!

So expect to see him in California again, or maybe West Virginia??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like Gnomey could use a little sun- more vitamin D.

Hopefully he can make a field trip to IL too... even though he may want to get to California.

I think I heard that he wants to try snowboarding.

:) Kate

4:59 AM  
Anonymous BETSY2 said...

Fear not, little Gnome! You are more than welcome in West by God Virginia anytime. We'll hook you up with some moonshine and all your worries will float away.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous gnomey said...

oh oh oh!! Gnomey wants to see Galena AND w. by g Virginia!! I shall be beside myself with joy. And don't worry, I'll clean myself up before you get here.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous mamma schmitt said...

His eyes look competitive! LIke he's ready to get on that bike and kick some butt.

Speaking of biking, are we going to be going a 70 mile'r this time around again? Like we did last year after pics.

THat was something else, and that's all I'm going to say about that. Not giving in to info on how much I sucked wheel that day,

See ya soon. I bought the tanning lotion! Spent the big bucks, $9.99
No pastey legs for me! Now, I just need an artist to shadow in some depth to make the allusion of muscle defination.


10:00 AM  
Anonymous dq said...

No fair all this tanning. Am I going to be the only pasty white one in the bunch?? Oh wait, Anna will be pasty too.

And you did great on that ride last year, Julie! I'll do the wheel sucking this year and you can sit on. That was some ride though--hills, wind, chilly--oooweee we know how to have fun.

2:22 PM  

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