Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My support group

I may not have teammates to train with, but I do have goofy kids to haul around while I lift. I tell my kids I have to keep going to the YMCA, so I can pick them up. Oh- by the way, no hamster yet.
But my true reason for posting this is to keep my mind off brownies. Even if they are toasted, i would prob still try to eat them.
Cheers. and better cooking next time DQ.



Anonymous rae said...

Um, Julie, I think you lost one. Aren't there supposed to be 3? ;)

12:05 PM  
Anonymous dq said...

Lol!! That photo made me think of the inside of a space the kids were floating free in the cockpit!

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Momma Schmitt said...

ya -

You know they have this thing that takes kids 8 hours a day for 12 years, and it's free.

Sad thing is, I think I'll be taking Hunter out of that next year, and doing it at home instead.

I think I'm crazy, but what fun is it to be sain?

PS: you should have seen my driving when I took that pic. Using the rier view mirrror to snap that got pretty interesting. Kids thought it was funny, though.

1:16 PM  

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