Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Meet Cari Higgens....Boulder Cowgirl

Meet Cari, a Boulderite who came to the team via Rachel Couch. Cari brings a great work ethic, a team mindset and a dern good sprint. Cari did well on the track immediately and she got a taste of the national scene at track nats last fall where, as the photo shows, she duked it out with the best of them (that's Katie Compton on Cari's wheel). Cari is eager to learn the road scene and I've all confidence that she'll do well in the TAD atmosphere of equal parts learning and humor. She is excited to meet everyone so everyone, say hi to Cari!

That reminds me, Rachel Couch (R2) is going to get you all to update (or create) your bio for the team website. Look for an email from her and as always, I appreciate you getting your replies in quickly.

Onward and uphill!


Anonymous dq said...

Cari--you look mighty fierce in that photo! I wish we could photoshop the dairy colors over yourjersey and use it on the website. hee hee. No matter, we'll get more good photos in the coming months!

12:54 PM  

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