Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I've been a slacker with posting this message! But I thought you'd all like to know.

It is true! Rob asked me the big question on jan 3 of this year. He had planned to ask me on new years, but I decided to work- so his plan was postponed! A couple nights later, we were turning in for the night and he totally surprised me- I wasn't expecting it at all!

For now we have been planning on having the wedding weekend on July 7 (7-7-7), however now realizing what a pain it is to plan a wedding, the date may be move to October (after cycling season, before ski season!).



Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

Sorry about the blurry pic! -k8

6:29 AM  
Anonymous rachel e said...


7:51 AM  
Anonymous dq said...

We need more details!! How did he propose? The ring is beautiful and I'm happy for you! Letme know if you need any dairy themed wedding decor ideas. hee hee

8:30 AM  
Anonymous momma schmitt said...

Wow -
Congrats Kate! Very happy for you.

Planning a wedding can be fun if you put some of your special touches in it. Like little gold bikes on the wedding cake for decorations, or a white bike with a basket on the handle bars for the cards at the reception.

I still have that stuff if your interested. Might have to touch up the bike though. It was a cruiser that I painted white with gold on the handle bars and cranks.

BUt what ever you do, have fun with it. It's such an exciting time. Very happy for you.

OH - and I would be happy to put together a video for you - - - a Kate before ROb and Rob before Kate, and Kate and Rob together - -- for the wedding reception.

Just let me know.

See you at the movie party?

9:32 AM  
Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

Congratulations, Kate! What a biog yera for you this will be! It's probably a good idea that you won't be aiming to have the ceremony on 7-7-7, especially if you need to rent a space somewhere. Apparently, that is an exceedingly popular wedding date and many places have been booked for that date for over a year!


2:59 PM  
Anonymous Kate said...

Great ideas w/ the bike themes! I'll have to check it all out!

We actually were lucky w/ the spaces on 7-7-7, but I'll tell you that It was just getting to be too close. Oct will be a more relaxed time for us- hopefully!! I still haven't made the calls to see if what we want is available! I'm just thinking good thoughts, and hopefully that will work to 'reserve' a spot for us before I make the call today!

Movie night is still questionable- Rob's truck decided to quit (transmission) so we are working on getting that all worked out- he needs wheels for Monday morn.

Alrighty ladies!! I'll talk to you soon,

-- k8

5:49 AM  

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