Friday, January 12, 2007

Meet Betsy 2....

Meet your West Virginia cowgirl: Betsy Shogren. Besty, say hi to everyone and welcome to the blog. The blog is the depository for all our adventures (or misadventures), ramblings or assorted thoughts. Welcome to the team!

Everyone: Betsy lives in West Virginia, not too far from Pittsburgh. She's an accomplished cross, road and mtb rider. She seems to like mud?? She has a black and white dog named "Dairy." Like Betsy1 and Julie3 she has a national champion jersey, hers from the 06 masters road race.

Btw, now that we've got a collection of Julies, Rachels and Betsys, here's the new code:
Besty Galenti is Betsy1
Betsy Shogren is Betsy2
Julie Schmitt is Julie1
Julie Fortsch is Julie3
Rachel Eichers is Rachel1
Rachel Couch is just big red, or Rachel2

LOL!! I bet if I tried real hard I could find another Rebecca Cari, Anna and Heather to join the team. Ohmygawd...we'd lose our minds. As it is I'm going to get name stickers for all your equipment but it can't be your *real* name or you'll never get the right stuff.

In other news, the bikes are in....I'll get a photo of the herd and post that for you all to see.
Cheers...have a great weekend. DQ


Anonymous Kate said...

What a sweet photo! Awesome smile shining through the mud! That rocks- Welcome to the most moooootabulus team out there.



4:30 PM  
Anonymous dq said...

I meant to comment on that smile--anyone who can smile while jumping over a barrier with a few pounds of mud sticking to them is definitely right for this team!! Go Betsy!

4:57 AM  

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