Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Milk: It's not Just for Drinking Anymore.

This afternoon over my lunch break, Anna and I went to get our eyebrows waxed. Apparently I'm a bad influence on this team--taking Anna for her first eye brow wax and dragging Natty to a crazy party (If Natalie's parents are reading, it really wasn't that crazy). Anyway, Anna was a trooper getting waxed, plucked, and threaded. When all was said and done, our eyebrow skin was pretty red, so our stylist gave us a special remedy. She ran into the back room and came back with a carton of milk. She dabbed some milk on our inflamed skin and voila! the pain subsided. Apparently, milk is a remedy for razor burn, so all you ladies out there (and all you leg-shaving male cyclists), take note! Lather up with milk after your next shave and leave it on for ~20 minutes, and you should be burn free.


Anonymous dq said...

You're never getting me to the eye brow waxing palace...that sounds way too painful.

Does the milk work on bug bites?? Something bit me in the foot and it itches really bad. Hee hee

1:49 PM  
Anonymous NAT-A-LIE said...

So milk really does the body good!? haha

3:15 PM  

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