Friday, December 22, 2006

Not a morning person

I attempted to work out before work this morning. Mind you, I have to be at work by 8am. By 7:15 am, I had been riding the rollers for an hour! I'm still convinced that working out in the morning is not all it's cracked up to be--read, an insane thing to do. I've heard it all--It's so nice to have the training out of the way; it's so nice to come home in the evening and not have to jump on the rollers; you feel so energized in the morning after working out. I'm not feeling any of it. I'll give myself a pat on the back for getting it done when that's the only time of the day that's avaiable for training (like today), but otherwise, I will avoid it at all costs ;)

It takes me longer to warm up in the morning; thus, a 60 minute ride turns into 20 minutes of warmup and 40 minutes of riding instead of 10-15 minutes of warmup. I am unfueled and dehydrated from going 8 hours without food or beverage, so I don't feel very energetic. Then I have to rush to get ready and off to work, and as I'm sitting in my car, I don't feel that much more energized than when I don't work out in the mornings. I just can't wait for the afternoon when I totally crash. I don't know how people do it. Morning people are crazy! Though I wouldn't mind being one myself. But for now, I'll stick to my evening workouts.


Anonymous dq said...

Ha! What were you thinking? Didn't you have a few shots of espresso?? You need one of Anna's mochas to get you going. Yes indeed...a big ole cup of steamy coffee and milk with lots of sugar.

How 'bout this. You can motivate me to train at night and I'll help you in the morning??!

2:39 PM  

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