Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Heather Represents in Parker & Cult Status

I was checking the results of the Parker Omnium and Heather did well. She took 4th in the TT and placed top 10 overall with good results in the crit and road race. Way to go Heather! Tell us how it went--we need to hear!!

So the cult idea is coming along nicely. The R&D department has come up with a logo and we're researching items on cafe press. We should have the store up by the end of the week and we'll post the url here on the blog. Anyone who has a jersey or knows one of us is part of the cult. We'll show you the secret handshake when we see you.

I'm having team withdrawal and with no one around to stop me, I got a horse. Here we are getting aquainted last week. I'm hopeful that by spending time in a horse saddle I might heal up my shoulder. Here's to keeping it hoof side down.
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Anonymous Nat said...

Oh Becca! Way to go on gettin' that horse! At our next team party we should all go ride it! hehe

8:14 AM  
Anonymous dq said...

Oh yes...for sure, but let me get him trained more. He's still a little green!

So nat, check out www.cafepress.com/bikelove for the newest team wear. hee hee...

9:00 AM  

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