Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kill the Wabbit....and other general news

In the absence of meaningful presence of my teammates I have taken up rabbit hunting. This morning's hunt was a near success. We chased 8 bunnies, Gabby ate the entrails of something then rolled in something else. By dog standards it was a gold star morning.

One would thing chasing rabbits is a rather dull sport but au contraire. The last bunch we chased scattered and one was close enough to Gabby that she was running full on at it whilst on her leash. There's only one thing to do when a dog is running to the end of her 15ft leash; start running or risk popping a shoulder socket when the dog runs out of leash. I started running and had enough momentum that when Gabby hit the end of the leash she pulled me forward. I was mid-stride and did an arabesque that Trisher, you'd of been proud of. I had good leg extension with one arm forward, poop bag waving high.

I gave myself a 9 on that one.

So, on team news, Lala is working hard in Boise. She says hi to everyone. Betsy is prepping for knee surgery--send her good vibes. Anna caught something and is recovering. Knowning Anna its chicken pox? Anna never gets just a regular old flu--it's usually something the rest of us had when we were 8. Anner, I miss seeing you at the coffee shop. Get better! Nat cat, Rachel and I raced last weekend in a wet, chilly local race. We made a break happen and Rachel and Nat were in it, but so was Kristin and Candace (Aaron's). They didn't want two of us in there so they attacked and Rachel was a casualty. She was in between the lead group and our chasing group and I did a stupid thing. It was cold and our group had a lot of newer riders who weren't sure about chasing. The pace dropped and in order to keep warm I went to the front and pulled for two laps. At the top of the hill I saw Rachel. Crap! I sat up but it was too late--another rider pulled up the rest of the way and Rachel was back in the fold. Sorry 'bout that Eikes. We weren't sprinting for anything as the money was up the road so I sat on an IS Corp leadout and tried to help a cat 4 rider. Not sure what happened to her in the end but I finished 5th, Rachel right behind me.

After the race I stayed to corner guard and watch Jordan duke it out for the Wis. Cup Title. He was 5 points behind the leader and it was a great race to watch. I was pinning down the corner with none other than Jamie and Julie T! We had a great time catching up. Jamie and JT look fantastic and said hi to everyone.

I think Heather is doing well back in Eagle, ID. And Mama Couch and Mama Schmitt are both well and happy. Trish has a new job. She's teaching science. I'm betting the Aussie kids are a little easier to handle than those in the Denver Public Schools?? good luck Trisher... and everyone else, send news!!


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