Monday, August 21, 2006

A coffee lovers dream.........

YES it is true! These are all the choices availiable at my sisters place. My day starts with what type of coffe I would like there are just a few choices as you can see from the photos......
My brother-in-law even had coffee ready for me as I stumbled out of bed at 5am to meet a group ride last week. What a life!
Settling in nicely to life here, everyone was a little suprised to see me. I was even spotted on my first ride ( middle of the day when ppl were supppose to be at work) the day after I was back.... the cow kit definately does not allow for incognito riding. So this led to a barrage of riding, involving many stops at various coffee shops that just had to be tried out! As there has been no rain for awhile the place is dry but allows for great riding - sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine is the order of the week and to top it off, it is the end of winter here and the high today is 27! ( Celsius that is )
Riding in the city is definately different to the open, sometimes aromatic roads of Madison. Each has it perks and I will do the tourist thing on one ride and post some pics.
Looks like a good weekend in Downers for the team - really missed not being there with you all. Anyways hope all is well in the land of Up and Over, chat to y'all soon............. Palm


Anonymous dq said...

Palms! Is that a Saeco Vienna Deluxe I see in the photo?? You lucky dog!!

How come when I go a visting I get coffee swill? In a Mr. Coffee no less.

Glad you are acclimating to the new old familiar territory. Don't even try being ingognito in the kit. It won't work and I've tried.

Keep the news coming. Have a great day!

9:42 AM  
Blogger commesso said...

So you got busted on your first day home hey..... how many coffee machines does your sister need? Anyways I really rate those coffee shops around Brisbane.... :P

4:04 AM  

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