Monday, December 19, 2005

Ramble & Flail

ow ow ow. I went skiing on Sunday at Lapham Peak Park, which is a hilly state park with fantastic ski trails. Rachel and her friend Lori and Bryan Smith and Jordan were there (although we didn't see the boys until the end). Me, Rachel and Lori took turns leading through the hilly wooded trails, stopping now and then to let our heartrates get back down to zone 4. That's a joke--I was supposed to ski in zone 2 but that didn't happen.

At one of our rest stops we discussed whether we were doing the V1 or the V2 version of skate skiing. Since all of us are self-taught, we weren't sure. In the end Rachel suggested that her technique was "ramble and flail." I liked I decided that's what I'd call my skating method.

I did 3 hours and my ass is on fire. I think we did about 3000 feet of climbing, the equivalent of 30,000 one legged squats. This is going to be an easy day, likely with a walk while my glute muscles unwind. Even better, I'll poach on my neighbor's hot tub tonight!---rebecca


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