Friday, December 02, 2005

Road Rash in December!?

Today I managed to crash a beautiful Santa Cruz Julianna Mountain bike—while going in a straight line riding in the road! To make matters worse, it wasn’t my bike, but a loaner from the wife of one of the founders of Crank Brothers. Ahh! How embarrassing.

I was riding with Jordan down PCH—Pacific Coast Highway, and some other riders rode by in the other direction. One was wearing a Colavita kit, so I turned my head to see if I knew the person. As I turned, the fast-approaching traffic light turned yellow, and I turned back just in time to see my front wheel careening towards Jordan’s rear cassette. I tried to save it by leaning my front wheel into his rear. For a few precious moments, I thought I had it, then I lost conrtol with knobby tires rubbing against each other, and I ended up totally wiping out. Blood was running from both my knees and my hand, and my hip, elbow, and other hand were scraped. Upon initial surveillance, I didn’t detect any broken bones, so I told Jordan not to worry about me but make sure the bike was okay. Normally I think people are more important than bikes, but this wasn’t my bike. Argh! The bike looked fine, and we rode into town for a stop at the Drug Store where I purchased a plethora of first aid equipment.

I feel like a kid who wakes up with the flu on Christmas morning—we had an epic mountain bike ride planned for tomorrow, and today was just supposed to be an easy ride to spin out the legs and dial in the borrowed bikes. Now I’m so sore, and my knee hurts a lot; I hope I can still ride tomorrow!

On a more positive note, it was 71 degrees today in Laguna Beach, and I was wearing shorts and a jersey (though I suppose that proved to be a disadvantage as I believe leg warmers would have at least protected my knees from the pavement). I hope everyone is doing well.



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Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

Holy cow, Eikey! Keep it upright there...dang. You and Natalie can quit practicing your crashes now!

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