Friday, December 09, 2005

Gabby 1: Rabbit 0

My dog is a murderer. Last night she escaped the yard while I was shoveling. I saw her booking down the street at about 50k/hour and didn't see her again for nearly 3 hours. I went out around 10:30 in my jammies only to find her outside the fence, sitting in the snow eating something. I managed to get her in the yard but she wouldn't let me come near her to see what goody she had. I finally outsmarted her and caught her by the collar only to find the hind quarters of a freshly quartered bunny rabbit. GROSS.

So training is going well and I think I'll be skiing this weekend since we have fresh snow. I get my new skiis today...yipppeeeeeee! I cannot wait to get on skiis. Maybe JT will skate with me and give me a lesson? She dropped me like a box of rocks last time we skiied (she has won some very big ski races). Minty wants to try skating so maybe I'll give her a lesson.

I talked to Mama Schmitt last night--she's sounding good and it's great to hear she'll be on the training wagon now too. Also talked to Betsy yesterday and she and Natlie are such cowgirls already. We have the best team!! I can't wait for our spring trip!!


Anonymous Rachel said...

Can Anna ski tomorrow afternoon? Maybe the three of us can meet at Odana. We can teach Anna how to ski while I see if I can remember anything from last year.

12:33 PM  

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