Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hit and Skate

Today I opted for the ice rink and did some high quality-"speed" skating at the Pettit. When I usually skate, the ice rink is quite empty, which is beneficial for practicing my cross-overs; nobody has to worry about me sliding into them! Today, upon arrival the long track was a zoo! There were a few groups of very young up and coming skaters and then the seasoned 'pros.' I don't know if any were really professional but compared to me they were looking scary-fast!
I was a bit intimidated by all this commotion on the ice. I 'puttsed' around for awhile, getting adjusted to the heavy flow of traffic whizzing by me before attempting to take my skates up to some what of a 'speed.' As I began gliding along the ice increasing my speed, a little boy, only coming up to my waist, buzzed right by me, hooking my left skate, and causing me to go butt first sliding down the track. He, on the other hand skated away without even looking back. I think this would be known as a 'hit and run'..or in his case a 'hit and skate.' The initial contact of hitting the ice isn't too fun, but after that first insta-second, you have to just open your eyes, and enjoy the ride! Becuase that my readers, is awesome!
Well, regardless of how many cross-overs were/weren't a success, or even the 'hit and skate' incident, the rink time today was super fun!



Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

Nice going, Natalie! Getting some early crashing practice in. I'll have to come and skate with you when the place is REALLY empty. I'm what's known as a "reckless" skater.

1:56 PM  

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